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These transceivers are one of the most exciting products that we sell and support.  Besides seamless integration into Campbell Scientific dataloggers, we also can configure any model of the Datalogger Display Units for real time display of the data from the remote site.  FreeWave Transceivers can also utilize CSI's "P97 Program" (Call Back).  This compatibility makes a perfect match for projects that require "event driven" data collection, alerting, and control.  Without the need to file for a FCC license, these units are as close to plug n' play as you can get in a telemetry network.

FreeWave Technologies is located in Boulder, CO, and manufactures 900 MHz frequency hopping spread spectrum wireless transceivers. Applications include remote weather monitoring, vehicle GPS tracking, race car engine telemetry, industrial monitoring and data gathering, seismological and volcanic activity monitoring, electric power distribution, and oil and natural gas production and distribution.


FreeWave Technologies, Inc.

FGR Series

Spread Spectrum Data Transceivers

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The FGR series of spread spectrum transceivers is available in a ruggedized professional series of enclosures. NoHow Inc. has enjoyed great success with FGR radios. All radios are built and tested in the world class manufacturing facility in Boulder, Colorado to operate over the temperature range of -40° to +75°C. The quality and versatility of these radios has led to their use in locations ranging from Mount Everest and Antarctica to the Amazon rainforest.

The new transceivers are more compact, use standard N type RF connectors, and are available in waterproof and non-waterproof versions. The 900 MHz series are also completely compatible with all other 900 MHz FreeWave transceivers, allowing easy expandability and upgrades.


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