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 We hope you will find this site informative.  We offer a wide range of Products and Services.

In addition to Remote Monitoring and Control, we offer consulting in Database Management, GIS Projects, and Avalanche Hazard Forecasting and Control.

NoHow Inc. provides a wide array of Remote Environmental Monitoring services. From site selection, to the finished data products your projects require, NoHow Inc. is available to assist you in every step.
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 Our staff has over 30 years of combined experience with Campbell Scientific Inc. remote measurement and control instruments. We sell the CSI product line due to its field tested dependability and durability. Once your data stream is up and running, we offer custom programming to manage and graphically display the data.

All software is developed with Borland's Delphi language. This not only offers flexibility between various 32 bit Operating Systems, but integrates seamlessly into the Internet. This offers the ultimate access to your data, no matter where you are located in relation to your project.

We specialize in projects for monitoring High Alpine Environments for use in Weather Forecasting, Avalanche Hazard Forecasting, Railroad, and Highway conditions. Other projects have included scientific, and industrial applications. Hydrology, Forestry, and Agriculture projects all have benefited from this use of these technologies. If you need remote data acquisition and control of a project, we can do it.

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NoHow Inc.
P.O. Box 936
Polson, MT  59860-0936
877.883.5886 Toll Free in USA
406.883.5881 Voice
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