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NoHow Process Analysis Reports and Installations

Does your Project look like this?

When it should look like this?


NoHow Inc. prefers to visit your project, On Site. Evaluation of the current system or configuration of a new system is performed. We also provide information and price quotations for customers that do not feel an On Site visit would benefit the project.

If sensors or acquisition systems are in use, we inventory what is working and what isn't. We interview personnel that will oversee the project and discuss the infinite possibilities that there are with hardware and software. Often times in large operations, we interview other departments, (i.e. Information Systems, Marketing, Administration, etc.), to evaluate how they can benefit from the data. If your project requires software development, we will include pricing and screen shots in the report.

One goal in our projects is automation of the data stream into the database. The programming at NoHow Inc. integrates with not only LAN's, and WAN's, but also integrates with any Internet distribution requirements that your project might need.

After the visit, a detailed report is compiled. A quote with labor, the required hardware and software, is supplied to you. There is no contract in place that requires you to complete the project with NoHow Inc.. We charge a daily fee, plus travel expenses for the On Site visit. The cost of creating the report is included in our fee. This allows our customers the freedom to perform the project In-House. If this the chosen route, the report functions as a guide for the project. The years of experience we have, make the On Site visit a very cost effective approach. The alternative is struggling through the infinite amount of options available, and possibly making incorrect decisions. We've been active in this field for enough years, we've probably already made the mistakes you're likely to make.

We are actively involved with day to day operations in many different applications. We are very aware of cost effective solutions. We also realize the importance of having reliable data acquisition systems to help make informed decisions within your operation on a day to day, hour to hour, basis.

Our main goals with installing, and/or upgrading any project are:

[Bullet] Compile a list of hardware and software that is necessary to achieve the goals of the project.
[Bullet] Evaluate the data collection process, and redistribution of the data, to meet all operations needs.
[Bullet] Automate all data transfer processes to eliminate users having to spend hours making the data useful.
[Bullet] Review all the equipment that is currently in use. Decide how much of the equipment can be repaired and upgraded.
[Bullet] Review the computer(s) that will used in the project.
[Bullet] If LAN or WAN deployment of the data stream is required, evaluation of the network(s) is made.
[Bullet] If Internet deployment of the data stream is required, configuration options are presented.

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