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The People with NoHow...
Daniel Howlett and Randy Trover make up the foundation of NoHow Inc.. Both are active Avalanche Hazard Forecasters. Over 20 years ago, they discovered that reliable, accurate "Real Time" Remote Data, is critical in their profession. With today's technological advances, Remote Data Acquisition and Control, benefit many fields.

Integration of current technology into your operations, is the focus of NoHow Inc..

Staying current with the advances taking place in remote data acquisition systems, sensors, software, and computing, is a priority with us.

We strive to supply our clients with the latest technology for their projects. WITHOUT over selling the specific NEEDS for the project. No matter how large or small your project is, being cost effective, is a priority.

Having your system Configured with Compatibility, Upgradable, Reliable, and Expandable, is critical.

Both system hardware and software need to meet those needs. Whether you're project is in the Private Sector, Corporate, Government, or outside the USA, we understand the value of every dollar.

Randy Trover has been a software engineer for the last 15 years. His knowledge and creativity are evident in each product. Relational Database Structuring, Automating FTP and Print processes, Graphic display, and Automation of Importing data, are features he creates for your project's data. Special care is given to program overhead and efficiency.

Daniel Howlett is the "Point of Contact" for all projects. His experience with Campbell Scientific Inc. Systems, and sensors from many other manufacturers, assures that each project will be configured efficiently. His experience with computer hardware and software configuration, assures that the data stream from the remote sites gets integrated properly. For more than twenty years, he has assembled a large network of resources for problem solving. If NoHow Inc. does not have the ability to solve your Remote Data Acquisition Project, we know reliable sources that can. Years of experience with Avalanche Forecasting and Control, allows him to offer additional consulting in those areas.

Ken Black has worked with NoHow Inc. for more than 8 years. He is available for support in Alberta and British Columbia, Canada. He has experience with installation and maintenance of remote sites in High Alpine Environments. Additionally, he is experienced with Radio Telemetry Networks, and computers. He contributes valuable "Beta-Testing", to our software modules, and is supports new and existing customers.


Mark Kalitowski is the GIS Consultant for NoHow Inc.. After spending 17 years in the mountains as a Professional Ski Patroller and Avalanche Specialist, he pursued an education in Geographic Information Systems. Applying his years in the mountains into the digital world gives him a unique insight into each project. He has been working as a GIS analyst for the last 15 years. Currently, he works as the Senior GIS Analyst for the Washington Group International on the cleanup of the Rocky Mountain Arsenal near Denver, Colorado. His integration of GIS technology into Remote Data Acquisition projects has proven to be very effective.

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