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Avalanche Forecasting and Control Consulting


NoHow Inc. offers a wide range of consulting services in the field of Avalanche Hazard Forecasting and Control methods. We have a combined experience of over forty years. We are still active Forecasters and have the abilities that are necessary to combine work in the field with the latest technology.

We are Professional members of the American Association of Avalanche Professionals, and hold positions on the Board of Directors for; the Center for Snow Science at Alta, The Westwide Avalanche Network, and the Avalanche Artillery Users of North America Committee.

We are referred to businesses and individuals by the USDA Forest Service National Avalanche Center . We have performed work in the USA, Canada, and Japan.

Avalanche Hazard

[Bullet] Identification

[Bullet] Forecasting

[Bullet] Reduction

[Bullet] Remote Sensing

[Bullet] Database Development

[Bullet] GIS Mapping

Avalanche Control

[Bullet] Control Route Mapping

[Bullet] Explosive Delivery Systems

[Bullet] Avalauncher Systems

[Bullet] RECCO Explosive Dud Recovery

[Bullet] Relational Database Development

[Bullet] Avalanche Control and Operating
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